Podere la Madia at Mercato dei Vini in Rome

Podere la Madia will await you at Salone delle Fontane of Eur in Rome, the 13th and the 14th of May. Podere La Madia, a Tuscan winery which has a totally organic production, will participate in this event bringing its oenological jewels.

Nine hectares of soil, of which three are cultivated with vines and six with olive trees, for a family winerymanaged by Carlo, Lucia and their son Giacomo. A great care which begins with the vineyard, where they constantly work for keeping a high quality without using pesticides or herbicide, for the sake of the ecosystem and its environment.

The Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti, with more than 200 viticulturists members from all over Italy, will be the promoter of Mercato dei Vini in Rome, where will be possible to taste and buy wines from the wineries which will participate in the project FIVI. In this edition they focused on involving more and more the winemakers from central and south Italy, and from this was born the choice of making Rome the location of Mercato dei Vini 2017.

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