Podere La Madia

Passion for our territory

Natural with determination

That’s what makes us unique.
Life choices passionately applied to our daily work

Since the beginning, we paid close attention to the organic farming techniques but after a while we decided that it was not enough, that we wanted more and we should change something.

We chose not to use any kind of fertilizer, not even the organic ones, but to use our own products to keep our soils rich and alive.

It is difficult to know exactly what is inside many of the commercial organic fertilizer. Some of these come from leather manufacturing scarps. They are used because they are rich in nitrogen and other tanning residuals: is this right?

We produce compost and we sow legumes, crucifers and grasses which we cut at their flowering, leaving them to cover the soil.

We do not use fertilizers but we do nourish our soils, keeping them rich and alive, by creating an environment where our plants grow and yield in harmony with the soil.

Just as a wood can feed and fertilize itself without any external contribution, we want the same to happen in our farm, where the nature’s power must prevail.

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