Sangiovese – Val d’Arno di Sopra D.O.C.

ABV: 13%

Bottles: 3600

Harvest period: first decade of October

Vegan OK certified

Organic certified

Vineyard yield: 70 q/ha

Training system: espalier with Guyot pruining

The grapes come from an old vineyard – back in 1965 it was already planted in this territory – located on terraces at 400 meters’ elevation, with permanent grassing.

Each year the vines that are no longer productive are continuously replaced by new ones, in this way keeping the vineyard alive and yielding.

The wine comes from 98% of Sangiovese grape with some old native red grape vines (Canaiolo and Colorino del Val d’Arno).

The harvest is carried out manually and the grapes are brought to the cellar into small boxes, paying great attention not to break or squash them. The vinification takes place into stainless steel vats with no added yeast and with skin maceration lasting 15 days. Maturation lasts at least 12-14 months in 225-500 l French oak. It is then transferred into stainless steel vats, allowing the wine to settle, before bottling.

The bottles are sealed under vacuum, with high quality one-piece corks.

The production in its whole is organic and there is no use at all of products of animal origin. The vineyard fertilization, when needed, is a green manure of legumes and pruining residuals.

Since the wine is unfiltered, it is likely to see a light natural sediment.

It is advised to taste the wine at 18-20°C, leaving it to briefly aerate in the glass before tasting.