Podere La Madia’s Extravirgin Olive Oil

It is produced only with olives manually harvested from the trees of our farm, located in a mountain area along the slopes of Pratomagno, in the Loro Ciuffenna’s municipality. Our olive groves comprise more than 2.200 trees over more than 6 hectares of land with a terrace structure, facing south, south-west. 45% of the cultivars in the olive groves is Moraiolo, 35% is Frantoio and the remaining is Leccino and other native cultivar of Vadarno Superiore.

The terraces with dry stone walls or with slopes covered with grass are the result of the hard work made over the years to farm such a difficult area as the mountain is. The soil is mainly stony, with a high percentage of sandstone. The prevalence of the Moraiolo cultivar is strictly related to this soil composition: this tree is quite rural, it is more resistant to the cold temperatures than the Frantoio one and it is able to root deep in order to catch even the smallest amount of water needed to survive during the summer period.

The soil structure avoids the water stagnation, which can seriously damage the tree roots, and helps them to get the best out of the superficial mulch obtained with green manure and chopping of pruining residuals; it also helps them to reach with their roots the humidity available in the deepest rock.

On account of the elevation (400 meters a.s.l.) and the geographical location of our olive groves, each year the winters are very cold, with variable amount of snow, and this is enough to sanitize the plants from any residual parasites, so that we do not have to use any chemical treatment to this aim. Sometimes the winters are far too cold: in 2010, for example, on the 17th of December the snow reached 40 cm and we had temperatures of minus 10°C for a few days, causing serious damages to the groves and the death of some plants. But this is how nature works, we just have to deal with it!

The olive harvesting starts in October and it usually lasts until early November.

The milling occurs on a daily basis, within a few hours from the harvest. We use organic certified olive oil mills, provided with modern continuous-flow equipment, that are able to guarantee a secure productive chain with only cold extraction of the oil (temperatures never exceed 24°C during the extraction of our olive oil).

Immediately after milling the oil is brought to our cellar where it undergoes a light gravity filtration, using filters of plant origin (cotton), in order to get rid of the small impurities residual from the milling. Later it is transferred into stainless steel vats (no air contact during the operation), until the oil is ready to be packed.

The final product is bright green in colour. It shows a refined, fruity, intense and complex aroma. The taste is a fresh and pleasant ensemble of field grass, wild cardoon and artichoke, with a right balance of sweet, spicy and bitter. It is perceived as a complete, harmonious and elegant product, well representing the typical aroma and taste of our territories. The acidity level measured during the pressing step is always less than 0,2%.

Our oil is available in dark glass bottles, in the 500 ml and 750 ml sizes.

The box contains 12 bottles for each size.

5 l metal cans are also available.

In order to guarantee the quality of the product, we package our oil only when we sell it. Until then, it remains in the dark and fresh environment of the stainless steel vats, where it keeps its freshness.