Pinot Nero 

Pinot Nero 100%


Alcoholic gradation 13,0%

Harvested in the last week of August

This vineyard is positioned on the slopes of the Pratomagno on slight terraces and with an exposition to South. It was planted I’m 1966 and it’s probably the oldest Pinot Noir of Tuscany that is still productive. Its yeld is only 2 tons per hectare. We are talking about ancient clones of Pinot Noir. Their grapes weight less than 60 grams each and the total production of one plant doesn’t surpass the weight of 700/800 grams. This yeld doesn’t seem to justify why it’s still in production but the absolute quality of its grapes and the excellent wine produced from them repay us from all the necessary efforts.

Cattle breeding system with Guyot green cutting.

After an intense recovery process of the vineyard, which was previously abandoned, we menaged to obtain our first vintage in 2015.

The harvest is made manually and grapes are safely transported in our cellar inside small boxes, so we avoid breaking or pressing of the berries. Vinification took place in stainless steel tanks without added yeasts and with a light skins maceration. Malolactic fermentation and a 12 months aging took place in 225 l french oak barriques, operating periodical batonnages. Successively the wine was transferred in stainless steel tanks for the assemblage of the masses and a static,natural decanting before being bottled. Corking was vacuum made using high quality monopiece corks. All the productive process followed the organic agriculture regulations. The manure of the vineyard, when needed, is made with a green manure coming from legumes and a compost of green cutting wastes. The wine is then bottled without filtration and could show a natural deposit on the bottom. Its sale starts 24 months after the harvest.

it’s recommend to taste this wine at a temperature of 18 degrees, after a short oxygenation in the glass. This wine, of which we managed to produce only few hundreds of bottle at the month, due to its limited production is destined to a curious, passionate and expert customer that would be able to appreciate and evaluate its unique characteristics. For this reason we decided to employ a prestigious bottle and a new line of labels with a black background that would evaluate the most symbolic, prestigious products of our winery. For our first vintage, the 2015, we numbered bottle after bottle.